Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dorco Shai Razor Review

I bought this razor and wanted to give all my fans a quick review. I am usually a Gillette Fusion user but after trying this one out and for the price I will not go back! I loved the product so very much. I had a nice clean shave without having to go over my legs several times.
The Dorco Razor has 6 blades! Amazing for those stubborn hairs that want to duck and hide when you are shaving. Yes happens to me all the time. It has a natural curve that allows you to go over the most sensitive areas gentle and quick without hesitation such as the bend of you knee and armpit areas. The best part, the shave lasts longer you will definitely see a difference The blades last much longer than well known brands, I'm on week 4 and still have not had to change the blade!! The refills are fair priced not like the brands you have to pay $20+ for a 3 pack refill.

Give a try and rid yourself of those unwanted hairs at a fraction of the price!

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