Tuesday, November 5, 2013

   I am reviewing this amazing small business, hoping to get the word out about the great things the owner does for people. The business is located in the Northwest area of the US but has started to grow across the country. He works toward growing the sport of disc golf by giving sponsorships to disc golfers, providing for and teaching our children about the sport and helping to build courses in local areas. He throw some awesome tournaments for many causes and fundraising events. You can check out his facebook page right here: Born2BFly Facebook Page. Give him a like and let him know Jessica sent you!

Check him out and his work he customizes all his Discs, Clothing, stickers and more!

  For newcomers to the sport, it is a very easy to learn game. If you can play "golf" and keep score the way they do then you can play Disc Golf, you throw a disc into a basket made of chains the same way you hit a ball into the hole with a club. No difference in scoring at all. You play in open, in the woods and even across ponds! It is one of the most healthiest sports lots of walking! There are professionals, amateurs, and beginners. I really recommend trying it out. The best part its a year round sport!

My family loves the sport. My husband and son have competed in tourneys together and as singles. Its a great activity, and has many photo opportunities LOL that's my favorite part!

Here is a disc:
Here is a basket:

A few of my older favorites! My family enjoying a day out in their Born2BFly gear!

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