Monday, November 25, 2013

I won a gift card to Lakeshore Learning Materials and I purchased their 3.5 oz jar of Speedy Snow. At first I was pretty skeptical about the kids liking it better than the real thing, but after receiving it I have a whole new mindset! Its great, a little messy but not as cold and wet as the real thing. I opened the container and thought "Hmmm okay so how does this powder make snow?" After reading the directions I pulled out some salsa bowls and measured out 4 oz of water for each of my children. Gave them each a teaspoon and they scooped out the powder, and pour it into their bowl. Wow the amazement on their faces when it went from water to powder into the water to what looked like ice forming into their bowls. It was exciting! I definitely recommend if you dont like the cold and your children want to play with snow indoors this is the product for you. It doesn't really stick enough to create frosty the snowman but my children had a blast with it. They even wanted to help with my review so here goes... Dekotta Age 12- At first my snow looked like a sheet of ice. But now when I touch it, it feels like muffin crumbs. It looks like big chunks of salt. It is not as cold as snow and not even wet, it does not melt when I play with it. It is better than snow because it does not melt and when it gets dried all you have to do is add a little more water!!
Kaiden Age 8- When Mom put snow on my spoon and I dumped it in the bowl it felt like a muffin. It smells like not really anything. It does not feel cold unless you use freezing cold water but if you use warm it is warm. It feels so soft. I put it in the freezer ha ha and it froze up. I really like to play with snow in the house!!
Kileyann Age 7- When you make snow it feels like little balls of jelly. It smells like kind of a slight paint off the walls. But it is not real snow. It is made out of snow from outside. Yes I tasted it it does not taste very good at all so don't try to eat it *giggle*.
So this is my review of Speedy Snow, now you can purchase your own and try it out to. It was fun to play with the kids had a blast. It comes in 2 sizes: Speedy Snow - 3.5-Oz. Jar for only $7.99 and it Makes over 1 gallon of snow. or Speedy Snow - 1-Lb. Bucket for only $19.99 and it Makes over 5 gallons of snow.

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